Fun with Friends!

Every time we think about the Brava! Affiliate Program we have to smile.  Our in-home Fashion Shows and Trunk Shows are really fun!  They provide opportunities to get together with your friends, enjoy refreshments, and talk about the exciting Brava! fashions. Your friends model these great clothes, and then  your guests try them on. It can be as formal or as casual as you like – and you have the choice between a Fashion Show or a Trunk Show.

You can hold anything from an afternoon tea, to a cocktail party – it doesn’t matter!   Just as long as you’ve got your friends around you, and you’re all comfortable. For a Trunk Show, your Fashion Consultant at Brava! will provide the clothing samples and make an informal presentation in your house.  Then you and your friends can try things on, and discuss what works for you.  You can have custom-fittings and special orders.  Brava! does all the work, while you have all the fun!

A Fashion Show involves your participation.  Because a Trunk Show is limited to sample sizes, there isn’t as much opportunity to try things on, so some Affiliates prefer to put on a Fashion Show with their friends.    A few weeks before you’ve set a date for your Show, your Brava! Consultant will meet with you to discuss arrangements and to give you your Affiliate Packet.  This Packet will include a price list, your Affiliate Agreement, and some information about Brava! with some handy tips about entertaining and putting on the Fashion Show or Trunk Show.  Your Fashion Consultant will assist you with pulling together outfits if you’re planning on having your friends model.   The day of the event is the most fun!  That’s when the “twirl factor” really comes into play!  And we think your friends will be as crazy about Brava! Fashions as are we!

Ask us for details!  We’re setting up our Show schedule for the Holiday Season, and through 2016 right now.

Wine and Tea Event

Wine and Tea Event



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  1. Happy to hear the latest Brava Fashion show was a great success! I’m sure the performance attire for musicians and casual wear for working women was well received. The Brava Affiliate program is a great way for women to make new friends, meet Brava fashion experts, get personal fashion advice and service, and for the Affiliates to earn of extra cash. Again congrats on the latest Show of many more to come. Mark Juliano

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