Ready for “Ruddygore”?

The Lamplighters Music Theatre’s auditions for “Ruddygore” are coming up!  Are you ready for your audition?  This very popular Gilbert & Sullivan operetta has all the ingredients for fun, ancestral ghosts, a witch’s curse, lost love, a madwoman, a love triangle, a ridiculous plot and beautiful music, costumes, clever sets, and excellent performances.  Be a part of the controlled chaos…audition!

Okay, you’ve chosen your song; have two contrasting songs ready.  You’ve familiarized yourself with the plot.  You’ve checked out the Lamplighters videos on YouTube.  Are you ready?  All the rehearsing in the world won’t help you if you don’t make an impression in the first thirty seconds of your audition.  Of course you shouldn’t carry in anything resembling a “prop”; not even a water bottle.  No costumes.  You should be neat, clean and appropriately dressed.  Your clothing should be flattering, and fit properly.  It should be comfortable, and make you feel self-confident. Avoid really extreme high heels, especially if you can’t walk in them.  Flat shoes are fine, providing they’re in good condition, but please, no sneakers.

Brava! Fashions specializes in Performance Attire for women in the Performing Arts.  We understand your particular needs, and can help you present yourself in the best light, whether it be in the orchestra pit or during the audition process.  Our clothing is made from natural fiber, like Bamboo, which is wrinkle and stain-resistant; has no static cling.  It’s comfortable, fashionable without being trendy, affordable and attractive.  We fit sizes XS-3X, and we can customize your clothing, and deliver special orders with a quick turnaround.  Private fittings and showings can be scheduled.  Let us help you land that role in “Ruddygore”.

You’ve got at most, two or three minutes to show off your incredible talent to the auditioners.  Make them sit up and take notice.  Spend your time working on your audition songs; not worrying about your wardrobe.  Let Brava! do that for you.  Contact us at

Contact the Lamplighters Music Theatre at for an audition.  Then call us at Brava!

Break a leg!Ruddygore ghosts 2006

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