Our Story

newhavenregister_clifford_evelyn_20150225One of the reasons I started Brava! has to do with my sister, Evelyn.  Years ago she flew from New York to spend a few days with me in San Francisco.  She couldn’t wait to get to my apartment to unpack her suitcase.  She told me she had some things to show me.

When we arrived home, she threw her suitcase on my bed, opened it, and proceeded to dazzle me with all these beautiful clothes she had brought with her.  Later, when it was time to go to dinner, I asked her if she were going to change out of the black flight suit she’d worn on the plane.  Surely she’d want to wear one of those lovely outfits she’d brought with her.

“They’re my conversation pieces!”  She told me, laughing.  “They don’t fit me, and they’re not comfortable!”  She wore her one-piece flight suit most of the weekend.

In the spirit of Evelyn’s love for beautiful clothing, but with an eye on practicality, I’m sharing the modern-day versions of my sister’s flight suit with Brava’s clients.  We all want to combine comfort and versatility with beauty.  We all deserve our own wearable conversation pieces. Let’s open the conversation!

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