Origins of Brava!

Me 3172012

Kathryn Fox Ma founded Brava! in January, 2015 initially to serve the needs of orchestral musicians and singers.  Over thirty years in the fashion industry had made her aware of their need for comfortable concert performance attire in modern, contemporary styles.

When I spoke to my friends in the music community, I was struck by the lack of  professional clothing designed for their specific needs.  An average work week for an orchestral musician includes three or four performances, sometimes more.  This means having to put together a different outfit every night.  And these outfits have to be all-black, with the proper sleeves, neckline,  and appropriate hem-length. They need to be comfortable, stylish, durable and affordable.  I came up with the idea of Performance Attire.

I had already discovered Bay Area designer, Carole Wang, and was addicted to her 95% Bamboo/5% Spandex fabric.  I was buying two or three pieces for travel, then two or three more, and so on.  It seemed a natural fit to combine my love for the Carole Wang designs with my friends’ work wardrobe needs.    – Kathryn Fox Ma

In order to build a real working wardrobe, we’ve added Elegant Casualwear  to our line of Concert Black.

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