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What Were You Wearing When…?

Some moments stand out clearly in my mind, more so when I think about what I was wearing when they happened.  I still have the dress that I wore the night, almost twenty-five years ago, I met my husband.  I’ll never see a size 6 again, but that dress is a cherished possession.  It’s a strange deep lavender color, in a strange fabric, and it has a cowl neckline with small weights attached to it on the inside, so it hangs perfectly.  It’s one of those dresses with no “hanger appeal”, but once it’s on….  Actually, it reminds me of Brava’s Carol Ann Dress, minus the weights; it has the same straight silhouette, very flattering.  The focus is on the face, rather than on some busy style or print.

At Brava! we believe in helping you create your own memories.  We offer a complete size range from XS to 3X, and anything in-between.  You can choose your own styles, and we can customize any of them to suit your particular body-type and need.

Shirred Ankle Pants

Shirred Ankle Pants

A couple of months ago one of our new clients asked if we could do a rush order of our popular Shirred Ankle Pants for a special occasion.  We could, and we did.  I delivered her order personally and waited while she tried them on with her Three-Quarter Sleeve Crop Flower Top.  When she returned, fully-dressed, I was stunned at the change in her.  She looked incredible.

She asked, “Do you think this is dressy enough for Carnegie Hall?”  I assured her that it was, not wanting to embarrass her with too many compliments.  But I was really moved.    I couldn’t stop thinking about the real change in the way she carried herself.  Yes, it was good enough to wear onstage at Carnegie Hall.  She looked lovely.  I only wish I had taken a photograph.  This is what Brava! is all about; helping women feel good about themselves.  She will always have that moment.  And she will always remember what she wore.

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