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Brava! Fashions: Perfecting the Twirl Factor

Rose Frazier in Ankle-Length Tank Dress

Rose Frazier in Ankle-Length Tank Dress

With Brava’s upcoming in-home Fashion Shows, comes that feeling of excitement!  I am thankful that Brava! is still in its start-up phases, because that means I can still participate in the fun of fitting our models, and accessorizing their outfits with our Fashion Director, Carol Campbell.  This means we get to personally introduce Brava! to new clients, and to watch them discover this wonderful Bamboo fabric and the beautiful designs we offer, exclusively from Brava!

It begins with choosing our models.  Our Affiliates, who actually hostess the in-home parties, suggest a few of their friends who might like to do an informal fashion show.  This is always interesting, because a lot of women are unused to having a lot of attention.  Most of them have never even thought about modeling, even though they are attractive, accomplished and creative.  They are used to thinking of models in the traditional sense of the impossibly thin, air-brushed mannequins in the magazines.

It’s the reaction of,  “Who me?  Model?”  They always have their reasons; too fat, too thin, not tall enough, too old, too shy, etc.

“Nonsense!”  I tell them.  “You’re perfect, exactly the type we’re looking for!”  I mean this, sincerely.  What type are we looking for?  Real women.  Real women with their imperfect beauty. (I can make you shine!)  Let me tell you, the women I know are incredible people!  Dynamic, hard-working, talented, multi-faceted, intelligent, sensitive, strong., and beautiful.  They are singers, actresses and musicians. wives, mothers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, artists, designers, and business professionals.

Brava! Oval Mirror - In Transition

Brava! Oval Mirror – In Transition

And once our new models get to try on their first outfits, I see it happen, over and over again – the Twirl Factor Brava’s fashions are so feminine, so comfortable, so flattering, so fun to try on, it’s not unusual to see a model’s face light up as they twirl around and around in front of our Oval Mirror!  They feel good; they look great!  And since Brava! fits sizes XS-3X, and takes special custom orders, we fit everyone, every body type.

So, what does it take to become a Brava! model, and to see your own reflection in our Oval Mirror?   Sign up to become an Affiliate, or to be a guest at a local Brava! in-home Fashion Show.  Be yourself!  Be brave!  Be Brava!

Fun with Friends!

Every time we think about the Brava! Affiliate Program we have to smile.  Our in-home Fashion Shows and Trunk Shows are really fun!  They provide opportunities to get together with your friends, enjoy refreshments, and talk about the exciting Brava! fashions. Your friends model these great clothes, and then  your guests try them on. It can be as formal or as casual as you like – and you have the choice between a Fashion Show or a Trunk Show.

You can hold anything from an afternoon tea, to a cocktail party – it doesn’t matter!   Just as long as you’ve got your friends around you, and you’re all comfortable. For a Trunk Show, your Fashion Consultant at Brava! will provide the clothing samples and make an informal presentation in your house.  Then you and your friends can try things on, and discuss what works for you.  You can have custom-fittings and special orders.  Brava! does all the work, while you have all the fun!

A Fashion Show involves your participation.  Because a Trunk Show is limited to sample sizes, there isn’t as much opportunity to try things on, so some Affiliates prefer to put on a Fashion Show with their friends.    A few weeks before you’ve set a date for your Show, your Brava! Consultant will meet with you to discuss arrangements and to give you your Affiliate Packet.  This Packet will include a price list, your Affiliate Agreement, and some information about Brava! with some handy tips about entertaining and putting on the Fashion Show or Trunk Show.  Your Fashion Consultant will assist you with pulling together outfits if you’re planning on having your friends model.   The day of the event is the most fun!  That’s when the “twirl factor” really comes into play!  And we think your friends will be as crazy about Brava! Fashions as are we!

Ask us for details!  We’re setting up our Show schedule for the Holiday Season, and through 2016 right now.

Wine and Tea Event

Wine and Tea Event



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