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“Vikki, Turn Your Back on Me”

In 1963 I visited my relatives in Woodstock, NY.  My Grandfather’s friend introduced us to a new record album, “The Slightly Fabulous Limeliters”. We played it over and over that magic afternoon.  Being a somewhat sheltered pre-teen, I was mystified by the song, “Vikki Dougan”.

Nicknamed “The Back” because of her dresses that were more than backless – they were cut down to just above the gluteal cleft, causing quite a commotion. The Limeliters wrote a song titled “Vikki Dougan” to commemorate this phenomenon, in which they sing of her “callipygian cleft” (“callipygian” meaning “having shapely buttocks”) and beg her, “Vikki, turn your back on me”.    IDMb

I think this made a tremendous impression on my own sense of fashion.  I own several items of clothing which feature back-interest, although not on Ms. Dougan’s level.  My recently re-discovered portrait by Brian Churchill features me looking backwards over my shoulder.  I’m wearing my all-time favorite black cashmere dress with a reverse deep V-neck, a pretty bow at the bottom.  I love to wear my cashmere cardigans backwards, of course, open down to there, my pearls cascading down my spine.  Being from Connecticut, there’s only a vague reference to Douganism.  I do thank the truly fabulous Limeliters, and the infamous Vikki Dougan for contributing to my sense of style and mystery.


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