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Over-Fifty with Flair

We have always known that we are constantly being judged by someone, somewhere.  Our hair, our faces, our bodies, or our clothing; nothing is ever perfect, but usually the harshest criticisms come from within ourselves.  We’re not tall enough, young enough, thin enough; the list is endless.  Recently there has been a much-needed backlash against this mostly unfair censure of ourselves.  It’s about time we stopped the self-hatred caused by outmoded social concepts of beauty.

Women of a “certain age” are more beautiful with those lovely, laugh lines.  Bodies change as we grow older; our waistlines thicken, but our legs get thinner.  Sometimes it’s a tradeoff.  It’s really a matter of attitude, and attitudes are not so difficult to change.  The key is feeling at peace with oneself.  Our taste in clothing, and how we want to present ourselves to the world also shifts.  We, at Brava! say, “Embrace the new you!”

We are happiest when we look our best. Self-worth needn’t be tied up just in how others perceive us.  When we get a new hairdo, or a new outfit, there is a lifting of our spirits.  This translates into how others view us as well.  Are we not attracted to people with positive attitudes?  If buying a new dress make us feel more positive, then we say, “Do it! Do it with flair!!”.

At Brava! we’re saying a lot of positive things these days.  We’ve added several interesting new styles to our dress line.  Besides the classic Diana dress, we now have Patty, Cleora, and Carol AnnThese dresses are flattering to many body types, and appeal to different age ranges.  How do we do this?  We look for what we like, what fits our bodies and our needs.  Our current Brava! clients range from 23 to 67 years old.  They are musicians, singers, writers, counselors, home-makers, actresses, office professionals, designers and artists.  We know what makes women happy, strong and confident.  Brava! listens.

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